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Jan 20, 2014 12:30am PST
scott weiner: i know there has been some confusion and they have put together a better data base. if someone calls and says there is a box and i don't know what it is but it's at this address. does 311 have the ability or dpw have the ability to say this is an at&t box or mta box? >> they have some information but not all information because some of these cabinets are older. where we have information we are able to identify it as an at&t box but it's not always the case. supervisor scott weiner: the call goes to 311 and do they route all of those tickets to dpw or does it go directly to the owner? >> it depends on whether or not they know who owns the cabinet. if unknown often times, dpw will go and an abate it because they want to make sure it's abated in a timely manner. supervisor scott weiner: when dpw an abates the graffiti is it billed to the owner? >> currently for the other utilities i don't know. for at&t we did look into that. we are developing a process now where we do invoice. the reason why we have not done that is with specific guidelines at&t does have a special c
Jan 18, 2014 4:30am PST
scott weiner: in your experience so far has at&t been an abating within 48 hours? >> i would say that at&t is being challenged and the constituents would very much say that at&t is not abating graffiti within the time that it's expected. i have heard multiple multiple objections where it takes months and sometimes not at all and many times i hear how dpw have to go out and an abate it. >> if you hear that it's taken months, what happens next? >> what we first do, we advise the property owner to again call 311 and let the operator know that it's not been abated and we have instructed at&t, hey, you need to go to these specific cabinets and they do. at the end of the hearing they do go and abate it and make sure the sticker is. that's after the fact that these object ors. supervisor scott weiner: it shouldn't take a hearing. it should be automatic. what i would say, i'm glad to hear that so dpw is working with at&t. it seems to me which is the goal to get the graffiti off quickly. so if dpw then understanding that there are certain needs of these boxes in terms of the way it's removed; is
Jan 18, 2014 6:00am PST
. supervisor scott weiner: thank you, mr. marshall? >> hi. my name is jim more shall. we had a rather bad experience and to the opening comments that you made supervisor wiener and kim, i couldn't agree more with needing guidance as to how things are going. thing are not going well. we received notice of a box being placed next to an existing box that is in front of a city playground which by the way, placement standards. we objected to it. there were eight objections to it and last october there was a hearing and in the packet the last documents you had is rec's and parks submissions and with that being rejected. at that point we were instructed to work with at&t and made outreach to them to try to propose some other better alternatives whether in a use of alleys and also some private place a. ments. we put them in touch with management for north and south within 300 feet. we have heard absolutely nothing. it has been a frustrating and disappointing situation. we have tried and it hasn't worked. the only way you can really describe is the situation if you remember the old laugh in with l
Jan 18, 2014 7:30am PST
this is a box. here is a photo of a box. the box is here. supervisor scott weiner: thank you very much. next speaker. >> thank you, i just wanted to share my experience. i live at 529 buchanan. they want to install a box at 503 buchanan. that address does not exist. i find that to be the most frustrating part of all of this, the lies, the strategy, to trick the citizens and i mean, i think it's been said before. i just want to say that i support them investing their own money in creating an infrastructure that we as city city san san francisco to be proud of. they want to add a fourth box. it seems absurd. thanks for the time. supervisor scott weiner: thaens for coming down. is there any additional public comment on the at&t utility box hearing? is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. i would like to thank you. i know there are a number of items who are forwarded with possible legislation to codify the surface mounted utilities. we'll take the feedback into account. and before i wanted to briefly invite dpw up and at&t up if they want to make a brief c
Jan 20, 2014 3:30am PST
very much. supervisor scott weiner: thank you, next speaker, if there are any additional commenters, please lineup, unless there is other folks to speak, miss berkowitz is our final commenter. >> if you want to e-mail us afterwards, we can make it part of the record. >> san francisco neighborhoods which consist of 48 neighborhoods throughout the city. everybody's district. i think the point is with all of this is that we have reached a tipping point of sidewalk boxes from every company plus the city. and i know planning has a term for it which escapes me for a moment. it's the tipping point. i received several e-mails about these boxes coming into my neighborhood because i am registered at city decks which asno longer exist. there is no place to object except to the public relations consultant. there was nothing about dpw or at&t. also i do want to thank you for this hearing, however, i would like to point out that it does not fulfill fulfill the mout and again after year two which should have taken place last year. mr. blake man told us this is a box. here is a photo of a box. the
Jan 20, 2014 2:30am PST
streets, puc properties and school properties etc. we are not doing that. supervisor scott weiner: thank you, mr. holland. >> thank you for holding this hearing. it's over due. as you know par as long as with san francisco beautiful is one of the original appellants of the exemption from departmental review. i would like to give you what it has been, par has been the largest organization in the city representing over 4,000 people. we were never asked to get the letters from at&t. listing all the sites from the district. there was never a preliminary what are you going to do with it. we just got them. we published them in our newsletters and invited residents and par members to give us a call if they had questions we would respond to them. one of the things we found is the following.. no. one, we haven't found anybody yet whether they received a notice or whether they were proposed sight that proposed having a cabinet there with one notable exemption in the richmond district. that exception is the apartments at ocean beach which were assigned as customers. for at&t. 2, part of the
Jan 20, 2014 4:00am PST
that we recommend this property be confirmed landmark status. thank you. supervisor scott weiner: thank you, next speaker. c'mon up. >> thank you, my name is karen kai. i'm involved in the planning process and community activities and i have also been on the organized committee to support the books jimbo's bop city building. supervisor breed, this thank you for your support and for the summary you gave. i think it's unfortunate that staff wasn't able to do the presentation but i'm sure you know how well documented the landmark status is for this building. this has become a very personal campaign, not just because this building is a bridge between japan town which is my community, but the larger community in which it sits, the western edition and the fillmore and it's the place that has brought us altogether. i'm very fortunate to support a group of music. part of that program involves taking our students on a tour of their neighborhood to show them how this neighborhood has been really the united nations for san francisco with so many different cultures, with an energy that creates and
Jan 18, 2014 6:30am PST
. supervisor scott weiner: we are happy to provide a copy. >> a letter to you in july of 2011. a letter from mr. blake man. eye -- i have a copy of that. that is a definition of a legal agreement. you know that. supervisor scott weiner: it was an understanding. supervisors don't enter into legal contracts with people that are part of a process. we talked about understanding for how the process would work. >> it should be advertised if it's an agreement. supervisor scott weiner: yeah. mou. memorandum of understanding. >> also the dpw stuff today is not available. the regulations for some reasons -- supervisor scott weiner: okay. talk to dpw. we'll make sure it's available. next speaker. >> chairman wieners, supervisors, my name is brand anderson in a community organization but here as an individual. our supervisor farrell made the same comments as you that if you don't want them they are not going to be there. we made calls about 311 and 1-800. i think dpw who is in charge of this she should have provided you spreadsheets that said we get 150 calls or 311, here are the dates and locations. i do
Jan 18, 2014 8:00am PST
in that. thank you. supervisor scott weiner: thank you very much. is there any additional comments on item 4. mr. washington? >> i'm very supportive and very happy that the city has gathered in support. i'm a resident here all my life 60 years in the fillmore and i have seen the history for over 40 years studying. i'm also echoing what is going on in fillmore. the city and county has to be aware that we are in a state of emergency. if they can move on it, the fillmore is what the whole area is about. not only just marcus bookstore, but that is the beginning. i was telling people when the mayor did his work, he went down to the barber shop and down to yoshi, all of those places have closed down. we do not only need to focus on this. we need a hearing on what the redevelopment has done with the urban renewal because the results of the urban renewal is just an example of what marcus bookstore is about. we have up and down fillmore streets, business after black businesses closing. there is a problem there of all the millions of dollars spent through the era of the urban renewal of the redeve
Jan 18, 2014 5:30am PST
supervisor scott weiner: if it's not fair that the city requires that, do you think, i mean -- >> if that's the city policy to stress that upon their property owners, i don't think it should be thrust upon us, i do believe we should help foster the planting so that it takes and it can survive, but beyond that we are not a landscape company. if the city wants to require landscaping in the public right-of-way we are happy to contribute to that cause but not for on going maintenance. we are required to maintain our cabinet in person and petuity but i disagree with you on that. supervisor scott weiner: if the city would take back responsibility on maintenance of the trees, do you think they should take responsibility for the right-of-way. >> if the city should take p responsibility for the right-of-way. >> the answer is no. >> if you ask mr. bateman, that's what his opinion is. wean in -- supervisor scott weiner: in terms of the murals. i understand you have your warranty and specification, i just don't understand why we can't have specifications for how you paint these boxes.
Jan 18, 2014 4:00am PST
of supervisors land use and economic development committee. i am scott wiener, the chairman of the committee, to my right is supervisor jane kim, our committee vice-chair and to my left is supervisor malia cohen. and supervisor cohen i would like to welcome you back. our clerk is lisa miller and i would like to thank sfgtv for broadcasting this hearing specifically larson and -- any announcements? >> the clerk: yes. please silence all electronic devices. any speaker cards should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear in the agenda on january 28th unless notified. >> we have a robust turnout for today's hearing. we have overflow seating in the main board of supervisors chamber room 250. if you have completed your public comment or your item is completed and you are inclined to give up your seats some someone can come in from the overflow, that would be terrific, however you are under no homage -- obligation to do so. please call item one. >> sf sf 1 1311214 multifamily house are revenue bonds. >> i would like to bring up miss pam simms who is doing the presentation. >
Jan 21, 2014 6:30pm EST
. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. it is dangerous out there. in much of the east tonight, the police are asking folks to stay off the roads. this is new york city live and marshfield, massachusetts, near the coast tonight get their second major storm of the new year. thousands of flights have been canceled. in washington, d.c., many government offices were closed, though the supreme court stayed in session. maybe those robes are warmer than they look. as much as a foot of snow is expected overnight from the mid-atlantic states to new england. we have a team of correspondents on the storm. first, vanita nair in central new jersey. vanita? >> reporter: getting anywhere across the northeast right now is not easy. scott, it took us about two and a half hours to go just 20 miles here in new jersey. the heavy snow rolled in across the northeast around mid-afternoon. we were with police corporate kenneth rocco in roxbury township, new jersey. >> you have more volume on the roads, more accidents, more disabled vehicles and s
Comedy Central
Jan 22, 2014 12:01am PST
of kissing. scott aukerman go perfect whackoff material. >> weird al yankovic? >> his and herpes. [ applause ] >> oh, man! right out of the gate! >> rico not suave! >> welcome to at midnight. chris hardwick the social media show where three completed jabs rock out with their jokes out but first, let's rhyme it all. tonight's comedians are from comedy bang bang, and one dvd is available now, it is scott aukerman! hello scott aukerman, i would like to welcome -- >> i have a funny story. i grew a bard. >> what? >> the story end there. >> or does it? >> i am so excited for -- >> thank you. [ applause ] >> grammy winning? >> no. >> our next guest has been one of my idols my entire life, gram any award winning platinum selling recording artist and musical parody icon it's weird al yankovic! [ applause ] >> the original pirate at mid night was called tweeter dome and tom lennon hosted it. >> that's right, that's right. that was a lot of fun. the problem, it was a lot like fish but at the end the host used to reach into a contest assistant's chest and rip out their heart and show them that they di
Jan 18, 2014 5:00am PST
. supervisor scott weiner: thank you. with that -- oh. supervisor malia cohen: i know we want to go on. i have a question for lynn real quick. it goes to the interpretation or when there is a disagreement the interpretation of the guidelines, maybe you can speak to your interpretation as well. >> dpw has frustration in working with the guidelines. we are trying to make it more clear. for example, supervisor kim asks about alternate sites. why is it on the property owner to find alternate sites. the property owner doesn't know the guidelines and when at&t in terms of trying to reach out to community like they say they do just has a box walk during business hours and the property owner can't attend, how well they know that they are supposed to provide alternate sites, how do they know they are supposed to be within 300 feet. they don't know. i think there is a huge room for improvement on at&t sites to communicating why it can meet or wouldn't meet. there have been many hearings where the public even not knowing the guidelines come up with alternative sites. i will give you an example. 82 rhode
Jan 22, 2014 6:30pm EST
" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. the cold winter air in the east is filled tonight with the sounds of plows in search of pavement and shovels in search of sidewalks. after the storm, new bedford, massachusetts, is digging out of more than a foot of snow. roads throughout the northeast and mid-atlantic states are still icy and dangerous. this is virginia. and now temperatures many the region are plummeting again. today it got as low as nine degrees in washington, d.c., seven in new york city and boston. watertown, new york, hit 37 degrees below zero. we have a team of correspondents covering the story. first, michelle millner hanover, massachusetts. just southeast of boston. michelle? >> reporter: scott, blizzard warnings were in effect in parts of massachusetts throughout -- until this afternoon. now, the heavy snow that wrecked last night's commute for millions in the mid-atlantic made driving treacherous for much of the day here in new england. first came the snow, up to 18 inches south of boston. bitter cold followed. windchills made it feel like ten below zero. getting around t
Jan 18, 2014 7:00am PST
't we take the on us off and paint it every week. supervisor scott weiner: thank you. let me call the next batch. >>> thank you for the opportunity. i have a word called deception. it's a location at 17th street at the upper market area. there is already an existing box. in that panel i got a note for installation on another box. strangely enough, the photo did not show that box just a few feet away. that box is already there and they want to put one in and they showed it over here without that box included in the picture. if that isn't deception; it may not be a mortal sin but it looks like deception to me. i hope you will somehow over turn or correct this by not allowing these boxes. thank you very much. >> hi. my name is steve walker. there is a box near me about 100 feet away. i'm not here because of this particular box but to ask my supervisor's presence to hold off on the proceeding. we have seen enough evidence of the fact that they are not going through process they are supposed to be going through. that said, i have an excellent solution. i am a telecommunication expert
Jan 17, 2014 5:30pm PST
news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: and good evening. this is our western edition. more than 3,200 american children did something today that could lead to an early death: they smoked their first cigarette. that's one of the findings in a new 980-page wakeup call from the surgeon general about newly discovered dangers of smoking. 50 years after the first alarm went out that smoking causes lung cancer today's report says it causes as many as 10 other life-shortening diseases. the report says smoking is to blame for 480,000 premature deaths a year-- that's up 9%. smoking resulted in nearly $176 billion in medical costs last year. our dr. jon lapook talked to the surgeon general. >> cigarette smoking does affect almost every single organ in the >> reporter: what's the significance of adding new diseases to the list of problems already known to be caused by cigarettes? >> cigarette smoking does affect almost every single organ in the body. right now of every three cancers in the united states, one of those cancers is caused by cigarette smoking. >> reporter: surgeon general boris l
Jan 15, 2014 5:30pm PST
to give it up. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. they were entrusted with the this is our western edition. they were entrusted with the most powerful, most lethal arsenal in the world. but tonight the trust placed in them has been called into question. national security correspondent david martin tells us that 34 air force nuclear missile officers have been stripped of their certification. >> reporter: they are the men and women who would fire the nation's arsenal of intercontinental ballistic missiles and now they are implicated in what air force chief of staff mark welch say may be the biggest cheating scandal ever to hit the armed forces. >> we don't know an incident of this scale involving cheating. >> reporter: four months ago a launch officer at mall strom air force base allegedly texted the answers to a monthly proficiency test to other officers at the base. launch officers have to pass other monthly tests as well, including a simulated launch, so the cheating probably says more about their integrity than about
Jan 16, 2014 5:30pm PST
this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening, this is our western edition and we begin the broadcast in the west where that fast-moving brushfire is still burning out of control, threatening homes east of los angeles. hundreds of firefighters are trying to contain it. strong winds early in the day made that difficult. hundreds of people who live in glen dora and azusa have been ordered to evacuate. we were sent this picture of the fire bearing down on her neighbor's home. the police believe the fire was started by campers in the angeles national forest. carter evans is on the screen for us, carter? >> firefighters are still putting out some hot spots, scott. this is one of five homes that were destroyed. 17 more were burned and 2,000 people were forced to evacuate. this fire has been burning all day and it's now only 30% contained. >> the fire began just before day break. within hours it burned across more than two and a half square miles of dried brush. palm trees quickly ignited. the heat was intense. >> i'm going to have to back up right now because part of my camera
Jan 20, 2014 4:30am PST
, and this is "today in the bay." >>> good morning. good morning 49ers fans, i'm scott mcgrew. >> we're all a little depressed. a lot to get to. let's turn this day around. good morning. >> turn this day around. 30 degrees in the north bay. let's change the subject right away. temperatures are going to be really nice, a lot of people have the day off. after all we today get to honor the great reverend dr. martin luther king jr. and temperatures are going to be fantastic. we're talking about the 70s with some major changes around the corner. cooldown and showers, real showers this time. i'll talk about that coming up. back to you, laura and scott. >> two people dead, police searching for the gunman after a double shooting in east oakland yesterday afternoon, two men found shot to death in a car in the 100th avenue and longfellow avenue across the freeway from the zoo. witnesses say at least one person drove away from the scene after the shooting. police have not released suspect descriptions or possible motive. >> in san francisco a suspect is in custody and two recovering after a double shooting. th
Jan 20, 2014 2:00pm PST
whose scandals burn so brightly that they outshine rick scott. they won't have a single public appearance. either chris christie doesn't want to face the press or rick scott doesn't want to be seen publicly with him. it's probably a little of both. >> welcome back to "the ed show." what does it take to make the n new jersey governor and the state of new jersey the main focus? a lot more than a political retribution scandal. this weekend governor christie took a break from the scandal back home. he headlined a series of events in florida organized to help raise money for republican governor rick scott. the trip was scheduled weeks ago before the scandal broke with the hope it could help florida's own scandal plagued governor. rick scott figured it was best to keep his distance from christie. there were no public events and no pictures of the two governors together. joining me now chairman of the democratic party and a chairman of the broward democratic party. how warm was the reception? annette, did this help governor scott, mr. christie showing up down in florida? >> he needs a
Jan 15, 2014 12:00pm EST
. >> scott wapner, you're going to have a lot to watch and the banks leading the charge today. >> no doubt. the apple news is a big news and that's going to have more developments at the top of the hour where the ftc will hold the news conference. what's interesting in the market today, the apple is helping the nasdaq 100 having the best two-day run in some time. >> take it away, man. >> all right. see you soon. welcome to the "halftime" report. tesla's turbulent ride, apple's watershed moment, and the latest story regarding the ftc. contrarian call today from the miners from gemma godfrey. simer baker and stephanie link who controls jim cramer's charitable trust. big beat from a big bank has stocks heading higher and trying to put together the back to back up days of the year. the nasdaq 100 is having the best two-day run in about three months. the s&p is also hitting a fresh all-time high today. let's send it over to the desk. you know, pete, i heard from a trader and a pretty big trader today, that's what's most interesting is the pattern seems to be holding true as it has for the last
Jan 17, 2014 4:00am PST
unplugged alan knuckman and scott shellady. at the bell gentlemen topic number one: gender bender last year hedge funds run by women out performed those run by men-- is it better to go with the ladies? alan: the answer is yes, but i would say both performances are terrible. 10% for women and 6% for menhedge funds did terrible. you would have been much better off to buy the spiderreturn 25% but look at marissa mayer and look at meg whitman. they are doing it. scott: i'm not gonna touch this with a 10 ft. pole. all i can say is these 3 things: 1i'm sorry. 2it's my fault. and 3it'll never happen again. that's how i steer clear of that question. angie: moving on to topic number two: ford in chinahenry ford back in the day said it was better to pay higher wages because that leads to more profits. so what do you think is better here? to maybe buy an etf in china or to actually buy ford stock? scott: i'm gonna stick with ford stock. i'm not really trusting of china and their numbers at this moment in time. i'm also leery of their banking system. ultimately ford was judged during a different time a
Jan 14, 2014 5:30pm PST
coming up at 6:00. >> scott pelley coming up next on the cbs evening news. we will see you at 6:30. that reveals for the first time what san francisco firemen knew before the death of a survivor of the asiana crash. >> there's a body right there, right in front of you. >> reporter: today, a 12-year- old opened fire in his middle school. there are casualties, and bob orr has the latest. and after the assassination, jackie kennedy received 800,000 letters. today, anthony mason sees them for the first time. >> it is my greatest wish that all of these letters be acknowledged. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. >> pelley: good evening, this is our western edition andçóñh francisco.ÑiñrñrÑiÑiñrçó tonight, we have video never shown publicly before from the chaotic scene of that asiana airlines crash landing in san francisco last summer. the video's important because it may answer a key question: how was a teen-aged girl who survived the impact later killed by a fire truck? some of the video comes from that t
Jan 19, 2014 6:00am EST
everybody in the world has refinanced their mortgage at all-time lows. >> originations scott. originations. if you want prices to increase you need new buyers. >> housing starts are at an annual rate of one million on this. >> i've got to blow the whistle. you guys can argue all night. let's talk about a market mystery. china's stock market is in the gutter. gaining stocks is one of the surprise winners. don chu is back at cnbc. >> melissa, you want to talk about hitting a hot streak. if you look at some of america's biggest gaming companies and casino operators. on a down day for the markets in some way or show, names like wyn, las vegas sands are heading to the up side. the rest of the broader market is trying to keep above water for the year. these stocks have been on fire. las vegas sands is up 4% year to date. wyn is up and mgm is up around 12. this isn't a vegas story. like you said, it's a china one. these companies all operate asia gaming hubs to operations in macau as well. last year wynn generated 70% from macau. macau hit a gaming record in 2013. the bullish story is there if th
Comedy Central
Jan 20, 2014 11:31pm PST
journalist scott stossel says-- are winners, i don't know if i'm a winner which means i am. over 1.7 million towns of velveeta products recalled from kraft for mislabeled ingreddiants. they accidentally called it cheese. this is the colbert report. >> stephen: welcome to the report, good to have you with us, ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much. >> stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! (cheers and applause) folks, i think i know the answer to your questions already. folks, i certainly hope all of you had a great weekend. i for one am still recovering from yesterday's nfl play-off action. i watched so much football yesterday i got a contact concussion. but now we know who's going to the big show, the big dance, the rodeo mass grande t will feature nfc champ the seattle sadbirds versus the afc champs the dep ver horse goats, who last night defeated the new england space kites-- new england could not denver's bold strategy of scoring more points. what a performance by peyton manning, the denver's qb or quick boy, boom. this season has a league recor
Jan 22, 2014 6:00pm EST
maryland and virginia beginning first with scott broom in montgomery county. hey scott. >> good evening. i'm driving here. these are back streets in montgomery county. this is a little lane called princess ann and i'm seeing quite a bit of black top. there is frozen slush and some packed snow on these streets, but throughout the day, they have had a couple passes of the plow and also had some salt on them. as you can see myself moving up hill here, that's pretty good news. i brought you to this neighborhood because it is very close. in the next few seconds, you'll see to the elementary school. and everybody is very anxious as to whether or not icy streets will impact school tomorrow. and as i'm driving up here to the stop sign at queen mary drive, we'll get a view of the school and i can give you an idea of the conditions here. queen mary drive, a little bit of slush. looks like a little bit of ice, but the school parking lot here, as i pull into it, is looking pretty good. so, school officials telling me it will be ice tomorrow. not the cold temperatures. it will be the ice. they don't cl
Jan 16, 2014 12:00pm EST
and the financial system had imploded there would be a backlash about that, too. and scott wapner answered a question about whether or not there is a bubble, does say that market 34e9 metrics are in line. interesting that the market are not giving his comments the weight they might have if they knew he was sticking around. >> all the things you highlighted and then if you look at sort of the balance of work by chairman bernanke and look at where we are now on the aftermath of qe or sort of the beginning of the winddown, you would have to think that he has to be pretty pleased with where things are from a stock market standpoint. we are sitting just about at record highs, from a housing market standpoint on the rebound. the lack of inflation. he addressed that directly, as well, in his comments today saying he doesn't agree with those who say qe will spark the hyper inflation that some people had thought. >> yeah. and i thought it was interesting, too, scott, the fact that people can laugh about some of the dark days he went through. does show you how much distance there is between now and
tv, authors dean owen and scott paris discuss the presidency and assassination of john f. ken -- kennedyment this is just over an hour. [applause] >> thank you, re may, ask can thank you to powell's bookstore in beaverton, oregon, for hosting scott and myself. it's an honor to be here this evening. how many of you here this evening who are 60 years old or older do not remember where you were when you heard the news that john f. kennedy had died? how many of you are between the ages of 20 and 60 who do not remember where you were when you heard about the tragedy of 9/11? sudden traumatic, unexpected events leave indelible images in your our mind and in our psyches. i was 7 years old on november 22, 1963. i was in the second grade in a city called hayward, california. and the older sister of a girl in my class came to door or -- because it was raining outside, we couldn't go out for recess -- and said the president had been killed. of course, i didn't believe her. and later that day i went home across the street to where my grandmother live asked saw my mother and grandmother watching televisi
Jan 15, 2014 1:00pm EST
of the year award. the person who leads morningstar's mutual fund global research is scott burns. he will be my partner this hour and help me introduce and interview some of the candidates here. you know mutual funds as well as anybody. this is obviously a different kind of awards because it's not merely their performance in 2013 that will stand out. how do you pick these managers you think are managers of the year? >> thank you, welcome back to chicago here. morningstar has been handing out the fund manager of the year award for over 25 years now. we have a great team and it's a team thing we work on. our analysts get together, surveys the entire landscape. we are really looking for the best of the best. as you said, it's not just about 2013. to be eligible for the morningstar fund manager of the year award, a manager must first be a morningstar medalist. that puts them in elite company. only 10% of all the fund manager strategies out there -- >> gold, silver, bronze, then the star ranking. these funds are four and five stars exclusively. >> definitely. definitely. so this is the be
Jan 20, 2014 5:00am PST
in the bay." >>> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> we're going to start with breaking news out of the south bay, police investigating a shed fire landed one person in the hospital. it started before midnight near regan street and bernice avenue. one person taken to the hospital but investigators say that person was taken because of a police matter, not because of the fire. we are working on this, we're trying to get more information. we'll bring you the latest just as soon as it's available. >> we have new details on a possible new terror athlete the upcoming olympic games. the threat comes in the form of a video and a promise of a surprise during the games. peggy bunker has more on the security threat and what lawmakers are saying about safety at the games. >> good morning. with the sochi winter olympics about three weeks away this video posted on a gentleman haddy website well known for terrorist chatter shows two men discussing a present for all tourists who come over for the games. in the video the two men sit in front of a banner th
FOX News
Jan 22, 2014 2:00pm PST
over the naacp's remarks about the only black u.s. senator, tim scott of south carolina. the head of the group' south carolina center called him a ventriloquist dummy for the gop. here are the senator's comments. >> we're not talking any longer about standing up for the rights of a racial minority. we're now talking about finding a way to have a conversation about philosophical bigistry. this is a brand spanking new day because there's a major threat from the right, and it's not moving further to the right. it's actually having a conversation where we embrace people who are in need and in trouble and we show people, as i was shown, the path forward using basic commonsense principles that govern the actual economy. >> philosophical bigotry, dana. tim scott said we would have to have the conversation about this. it's something that african-americans, i think, in the republican party have dealt with for a very long time. is it time to have that conversation, and instead of maybe focusing on the advancements of blacks, which the naacp doesn't seem interested in doing, talking about ho
Jan 20, 2014 9:00am PST
here in doflorida righ now and christie was here with governor scott. but governor scott's staff wasn't sure whether he should appear with him at first either because there's a sense of whether there's truth or not to the story. if it's not true, he'll survive but we have to get all of the facts out and find that out first. we can't do that by dismissing the allegations without looking at them seriously and investigating them. >> keith boykin and republican strategist susan del percio. susan, i love it when you smile at the end. thank you very much. >> promising terror with a start of the winter olympics 17 days away, extremists say they have prepared a quote, present for the games. nbc's richard engel is live with how president putin and security are responding. >>> what president obama said over the weekend about pot that's still got a lot of folks talking. >>> death penalty debate, the old way to execute that several states are now considering bringing back. it's hip-hop. for cross-country, classical. and for jumps, i need something...special. so i use my citi thankyou visa card fo
Jan 21, 2014 8:00pm PST
: scott rates kron 4 news in dublin. >> reporter:that's right along dougherty road. and new at 8 tonight. people in that dublin neighbrohood who know tom smith.are shocked.saddened.and remembering a really nice guy. >> reporter: have a picture of tom about 20 years ago when kron4 i interviewed him. >> a really nice guy. friendly in every which way. very tough moment here. >> reporter:that neighbor said he's known the smith family for the last four years. and we will have much more coverage on this story later in our newscast. >> pam: new tonight at 8-- >> pam: a frightening fall for a driver in pacifica. it's unclear now. why a several hundred feet down a dangerous cliff. kron 4s justine waldman is at the scene. where rescue efforts took hours. >> pam: >> reporter: falling about 300 ft. with a passenger still inside pacifica came into the same time on manor drive in the afternoon on tuesday. video with partnership abc seven news shows the truck all the way down the embankment. it covered in so much brush. to get the driver out of the vehicle a c h p helicopter pad to the rescue and put t
Jan 15, 2014 8:00am PST
by scott weiner and supervisor eric mar will institute a tax on the beverages in san francisco and whereas the weiner mar proposal differ in significant ways and would adopt a two penny per ounce tax and under those proposals the tax revenues will be spent on the activities that increase the options for physical activitis for children in san francisco. therefore, be it resolved that the board of education of the san francisco unified school district believes that if sugary beverage tax will decrease the consumption of the beverage and bring about a corresponding increase in the over all health of children in our jurisdiction and resolved that the board of education, of the san francisco unified school district, supports the concept of a sugary befrage tax and the idea that the revenues should be used to support the child nutrition and programs and be it further resolved that the board of education from the san francisco unified school district urges the board of supervisors to place a sugarry beverage tax on a future ballot for approval by voters. >> thank you. >> and i think that we have
Comedy Central
Jan 21, 2014 7:00pm PST
scott stossel. hey, scott, thanks some of for coming on. >> thanks for having me. >> okay, as, i will get to your book in a second but first you're the editor of the atlantic, the author of previously-- life and times of stars and-- you have written for "the new yorker", new york time, the wage waj but your new book age of anxiety, fear, hope, dread and the search for peace of mind. what do you mean my age of anxiety. are you particularly anxious person? >> yes. >> stephen: are you anxious right now. >> terrified. >> stephen: really? >> yl, no, i'm doing okay. so basically i have since the age of about 2 as i say in the book been kind of a twitchy bundle of phobias, near os es, anxieties, all kinds of strange idiosyncratic phobias like for instance cheese and-- . >> stephen: you have a fear of cheese. >> yeah, i will never go to wisconsin. >> stephen: what is it about cheese that frightens you. >> it's utterly-- well, it's irrational-- . >> stephen: okay. >> this is what is so peculiar about anxieties. basically you know, i tell people that i would rather be buried in a sar cough
Jan 22, 2014 4:30am PST
the embarcadero. wednesday, january 22nd. this is "today in the bay." >>> good morning to you. it's 4:30 i'm scott mcgrew. i'm laura garcia-cannon. lots to get to. first the forecast. good wednesday morning to meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning. a live look at oakland, highly visible, no low clouds to get in your way as you drive to work. a touch cooler. big story in the weather department, big waves on the way and potential window for mavericks. we'll jump into the forecast. tracking showers. first, on your way to work. mike inouye. >> good morning. good news, a light traffic flow through oakland. we'll see you the coliseum camera. taillights up through downtown. look at the map. not a big deal at kcoliseum but zoom in southbound. reports of a crash involve league vehicles. sounds like off to the shoulder. slowing has come up to the flashing lights. chp on scene. northbound sideshows slowing. crash on the opposite side and flashing lights visible at that point as well as construction, farther north that's causing more distraction. they've marked the crash there, around 14th or 16th. t
Jan 19, 2014 9:00am PST
." >>> good morning everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. recently a circuit court told the fcc it could not enforce it's so-called open internet rules, the concept that all data should be treated the same online. in a case brought by telecommunications giant the federal circuit court in washington ruled wednesday the fcc did not have the legal authority to enforce the rules online. the decision may open the door to the possibility your internet provider could treat data differently. for instance netflix accounts for 2/3. should internet providers be able to provide for that? or should internet providers keep the nose out of their data. larry downs is a professor for law, research fellow and author. he testified on the question of net neutrality. does the fcc have the authority to be regulating the internet and then the second issue is should the internet be regulated? let's start with whichever one. >> the first one is easy. the court said congress is not given the authority to regulate the internet. without the fcc it is done quite well. the court did say they had some authority, far less than what t
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